Thursday, January 20, 2011

A NEW YEAR ... a new focus !

I didn't think I'd get back to this blog ... for some reason ... I think last year was a REAL CHALLENGE for me... alot of life changing events, no real focus on what I wanted to do ... but it's a NEW YEAR baby!  And I'm on a whole NEW FOCUS !  

                            I've made the decision to go to the HGTV Message Board's "Circle of Friends" retreat this year, and it will be held in Charlotte, NC ... I had to miss last year due to financial reasons (don't we all have those)... but this year I am determined to make it to meet my cyber friends !  

SO....... I've been sewing!  And it feels FABULOUS !!  I made some Christmas gifts last month, and decided to earn some money by making purses and bags ... so here's a few pics of some bags I took to the boutique in my hair salon.... It's got me inspired, and I'm ready to take on this challenge!  So join me in this fun ... and let's see what I can come up with ... YAY!  I'm back!!!  And it feels GREAT !

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